September 19, 2019

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Insurance Company Tactics

Insurance contracts serve an important purpose, providing protection and peace of mind for activities that involve risk, like driving, owning a home, or providing medical care. When injuries happen from carelessness or negligence, these policies should, in theory, provide financial compensation to the individuals who were hurt. However, the insurance industry’s notorious reputation for doing whatever it takes to avoid large payouts means that injured victims often get less than they deserve, or nothing at all, even when they are deserving of compensation.

The Role of Insurance Companies

No matter what type of personal injury claim you file, chances are the person responsible for your injuries has an insurance carrier that will be responsible for paying out damages if you win.

For instance, for auto accidents, the driver’s automobile insurance company will be targeted. For cases involving dog bites, settlement money would come from the dog owner’s homeowner’s policy. In claims involving a doctor’s error, the judgment or settlement funds would come from the medical malpractice insurer.

Talking to the Insurance Companies

Today, nearly all insurance companies employ the use of phone recording. Before you have a conversation with an insurance company employee, know that anything you say may be used in their final payout decision. They will ask you to provide specific details about the accident, which can often be difficult or impossible for a traumatized, injured person to do. They may be looking for inconsistencies in your story, which they can then use to discredit you and ultimately deny your claim.

The solution is simple: Avoid talking to the insurance company and instead let an experienced attorney handle all communication. Even if you are offered a settlement, you need an expert opinion to correctly determine a fair dollar amount. What may sound like a good number may actually fall far short of what your family truly deserves. The local personal injury insurance claims attorneys listed in this website will help you go for the full range of damages your injury commands, such as lost income, current and future medical costs, and non-financial losses like pain and suffering.

Protect yourself against unscrupulous insurance adjusters by hiring a skilled legal professional. To find a law firm near you, please take a moment to search our personal injury insurance claims lawyers.